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Sunday, 31 March 2013

I have recently undertaken quite a lot of work for Woburn Safari park - only ten minutes drive from where we live. I remember going there as a kid. It was something so different to zoo's and other things you did for entertainment as a youngster (like a monthly trip to toys r'us - yes that happened)!!!

So when the call came in, I was excited and a little bit scared! They have lions after all!

Over the last year or so I have built up quite a set of image banks with all sorts of wild and wonderful briefs and projects with creatures that hail from all corners of the earth. My favourites, without a doubt are the Lions! I think I may have been one in a previous life. Leo is my star sign and The Lion King has to be one of my favourite films of all time hahaha!

The team at Woburn are also fantastic. Like a big family, everyone knows everyone not just from the safari park but the abbey and gardens also. They care so much about the animals and treat them almost like colleagues - with unmeasurable dignity and respect.

I have two more jobs booked with Woburn next month, and I hope for many more for years to come. It's one of my absolute favourite clients, as no two jobs are ever the same!

Have you ever been to Woburn Safari Park? What were your experiences?


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