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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

So, you've probably guessed the main topic is cabbage. I mean video. Yup yup.

It seems like a lot of my efforts since my last post have been using this medium, and we've had a few exciting projects on the go.

First and promised in the last post BEHOLD!...the Secret Genius live video in all its glory:

Now, seeing as this video was shot with literally just me, my camera and then a whole heap of editing, I'm quite pleased with the final version. I am also quite pleased with my editing skills seeing as each take was at a different tempo and I had to manually drag each take in time with the track on the timeline in Final Cut Pro...some of you may be able to notice slight timing delays but all in all I am happy with it and so are they, and as this ultimately as a business - this is the most important thing. Smiling this > :)

Now the next video is a little promo we shot with our mate Dave from Birmingham.

Here he is.

We met him, out of all the strangest places, in a place called House of Baby. Basically, a high-end Mothercare just up the road. I say 'Mothercare' when in fact their product range and personal service is indeed second to none and they come highly recommended. For all the baby shiz niz anyways.

I'm hoping that comment may score me a free pram one day...

So...look at me getting sidetracked. Me mate Dave...

He runs a company called yes...that is also the website. Quite genius you may say. We thought so...

Well, it all started about 7 months ago when we met him while exhibiting a virtual studio at zee Baby house. We had a chat, I took a few pics of him (below) and it turns out he's a bit of a legend and digged my style.

He'd always wanted to try time-lapse, and we had an empty barn wall outside our studio. Great things were destined to happen!

We recorded his spray up. Turns out he's talented too, immensely! Watch this:

I also had a meeting with Urban Graphics based in Bedford and may be working with them on some large  corporate and urban development projects. Watch this space!

I find the business taking off, but time is starting to become an issue. I find my days and hours limited with less free time to spend with those I care about. If it sounds like I'm complaining, I am not. I feel truly blessed to be involved in such creative industries. They draw me in every day. And I'm doing something I love for a living. BUT. And it's a big butt (heh heh). I think my biggest challenge is going to be keeping others in my life happy and understanding the fact that two-d is beginning to take over my world. A business like this one is all about reputation. It will carry you through to bigger and better clients, it will help you climb those ladders. It got me to here and so far, it's working. It will not make you popular to friends, girlfriends, and family when they want the time you find it so increasingly difficult to share. And even when you are with them, the phones going off, the keyboards texting away, the macs pinging away as new emails land.

Busy is he.



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  1. Those you care about are excited for you, that you are succeeding in what so many fail in. Its not a lack of understanding, its a wonderment as to whether there's a balance which is so important as life is for living, truth be told. Where the challenge lies is when those you care about get repeatedly let down as a result.